Impact Innovation Summit

17 september 2024, 13:00 till 18 september 2024, 16:00

17 sep
Impact Innovation Summit

Change Agents.
Change Makers.
Impact Drivers.
Let’s meet up in Helsingborg, Sweden in September!

First speakers out and tickets are on sale!

Impact Innovation Summit is for you who create the life, cities and world we aspire for. To nurture disruptive innovation for the common good. Providing the time and space to explore the possible. A 24-hour Impact meet-up designed to ignite and mobilise cross-sector and impact networks. Impact Drivers from the public sector, business, civil society, and academia. Meeting in a local context to address global challenges.

Embark on a journey of global insight shaping local change. Our inaugural launch brings together impact advocates from around the world to share transformative stories that reshape society. All the speakers participate for the whole 24 hour Impact Meet-Up. First speakers out:

Chelsea Collier (USA), founder of DigiCity, now Texas University at Austin, actively exploring innovative approaches at the intersection of tech, policy, and social impact.

Fábio Duarte (BRA/USA), Principal Research Scientist at MIT’s Senseable City Lab, pioneers data analysis solutions that give businesses a competitive edge in local markets, redefining how we measure impact.

Daria “Dasha” Krivonos (DK), CEO at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, former Head of Enterprise Risk Management at Maersk, delves into understanding ‘megatrends’ and their societal impact. How to measure what didn’t happen is a question she navigates on a daily basis.

Thomas Osdoba (CAN/ESP), MD at NetZeroCities, brings a wealth of leadership and innovation experience across public, private, nonprofit, and academic sectors and will lead discussions on mission-oriented innovation and uniting for sustainability across sectors.

A warm welcome all to Helsingborg in September!

Tickets are available now (200 euro):

Impact Innovation Summit

  • 17 september 2024, 13:00 till 18 september 2024, 16:00
  • Längd: 2 dagar


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