Yggio collects the entire city's IoT data

Yggio collects the entire city's IoT data

Data from connected objects is collected

Yggio is the platform that collects the entire city's IoT data, ie the data from all our connected objects. The data can then be analyzed and used to develop new smart services.

By collecting data from our connected devices, we can gain better insights, make better decisions and automate processes that are currently manual. This in itself means that we can free up resources, which means that we have shorter lead times and reduced costs.

IoT is an abbreviation of Internet of Things, which is usually translated to The Internet of Things in Swedish. It is a collective name for everyday objects such as household appliances, clothes and accessories, but also machines, vehicles and buildings, which have built-in electronics and connection. The connection allows things to be controlled and / or exchange data with each other.

The city's IoT platform can be used by the city's nine administrations, the city's various companies and all members of the Helsingborg Family.

Get started

If you are interested in knowing more about the technology or if you have an IoT idea that you want to try, contact our IoT coordinator Thomas Huldt.