The Data Vault ensures quality, washes and structures the city's data

The Data Vault ensures quality, washes and structures the city's data

The entire city's data warehouse

The data vault is the entire city's common storage place for historical business data. Through Datavalvet, the data is quality assured, washed and structured, so that we can analyze it further and work with the development of new services. We call it opportunity-driven innovation, because through the data we can discover needs and see new patterns. For example, Datavalvet could collect data for a route planning service, from a variety of sources to create as complete a picture of the traffic situation as possible. AI could be trained to say which route is the best at a given time.

The route planning service is just one option for many. By collecting quality-assured business data in one place, we will gain better insight and overview of all our businesses. We will be able to make better decisions and offer new personalized services. The data vault will also enable easier access to data, both for internal and external use, which is the basis for data-driven innovation.

The data vault is developed for internal use. The goal is to help the city's administrations to store historical business data in a common and structured way. The data will then be made available for different purposes and for different stakeholders - both internal and external.

Do you want to use Datavalvet?

The data vault is in operation and is being developed. If you are getting started or have other questions, you can contact Magnus Lindhe.