Smarter City Lab: More testing of AI in all the city's operations

Smarter City Lab: More testing of AI in all the city's operations

Technology and knowledge at Smarter City Lab

Smarter City Lab is the city's AI lab where you can turn for advice and testing of AI ideas. In addition, the lab has the city's first Data Scientist, which trains managers and leaders in AI. The goal is for Smarter City Lab to contribute to AI becoming an obvious part of everyday work - throughout the city.

The lab offers access to technology that can handle large amounts of data, which can then be used to train AI. Among other things, there is a "supercomputer" that can be booked directly via our standard calendar system.

Smarter City Lab is primarily developed for internal use to help the city's businesses test and evaluate their AI ideas, but Smarter City Lab also aims to strengthen cooperation around AI towards business and academia. Among other things, we have created conditions for students to be able to do ex-jobs.

  • Testing of AI idea

    Smarter City Lab helps to collect and wash data, select an algorithm and train it. The lab can also recommend external consultants who can be good to work with depending on the nature of the idea. Smarter City Lab also helps evaluate the testing.

  • Advice

    If anyone in the city has an idea that they think can be solved with the help of AI, they can turn to Smarter City Lab for support and advice.

  • Training for leaders and managers

    Smarter City Lab works proactively with training for leaders and managers within the city. The goal is to increase understanding of AI and how AI can be used.

  • A supercomputer to train AI

    A real supercomputer that can handle large amounts of data and that can train algorithms. The computer can be booked via Outlook.

Do you have an idea or question about AI?

Contact Johannes Cruz or Magnus Lindhe if you want help.