Venue and event database with open source code

Venue and event database with open source code

Venue and event database: Everything that happens and everything that exists - in one place

The venue and event database has been created to collect everything that happens in one place. Through user accounts, various organizations gain access to the database, and can upload places, events and activities themselves. There are several benefits to collecting everything that happens in one place. Because the database is an open API, the data can be used in many different ways depending on how it is filtered. Today, the database is used as a basis for creating calendars - not only for Helsingborg's various activities, but also for other Scanian municipalities. The content of the calendar is filtered so that it becomes relevant, for example, Dunkers Kulturhus has a calendar that only shows events that are going on with them.

Half of Skåne's municipalities use the database, which collects over 500 events per month

The site and event databases are basically based on WordPress' built-in API. It is open source, which means that anyone can build their own database based on their own needs.

  • Database of events

    The database collects all events and activities with standardized data that enables filtering by categories, tags & geographical position.

  • User accounts for posting events and activities

    Users can create accounts to publish events and activities themselves. The event will be complete with information about place, time, organizer, booking opportunities, photos and the like.

  • Calendar widget running against the database

    The whole point of the database is to create calendars that show the events that exist. The Calendar widget is a Wordpress plugin and works with all Wordpress sites.

  • Support for multiple languages

    With Polylang, the location and event database can be translated into several languages.

Get started with the venue and event database

Since the venue and event database is based on open source code, anyone can download and use the code to create their own database and adapt it completely to their own wishes. The code for the venue and event database is available on GitHub.

Documentation and information for developers is available at


Bug fixes

Bug fixes.

June 2021

Holiday activities for young people

The school and leisure administration has wanted adjustments in the place and event database in order to better meet the needs of holiday activities for young people.

December 2021

Upscaling before H22 expot

The venue and event database will be scaled up to handle many visitors at the same time, which will be needed before the H22 expo.

May 2022

Some innovation initiatives related to the platform