Datatorget lets the city's systems talk and collaborate with each other

Datatorget lets the city's systems talk and collaborate with each other

The integration platform that connects the city's systems

Datatorget is an integration platform, which connects systems with each other. This means that systems can share data and information with each other, and even borrow functions from each other. A function that is missing in one system can thus be borrowed from another. For example, a customer database can borrow a function from a separate financial system. Previously, it may only have been possible to issue invoices in the financial system, but through Datatorget, the customer database can borrow the invoice function from the financial system. Without having to change systems or even change windows, it is thus possible to issue an invoice quickly and easily.

Through Datatorget, the city's nine administrations can work more cross-functionally, and thus create large profits. This is because it becomes much easier to collaborate across borders when different data from different systems is in sync. We get better data quality, which means we can improve and streamline our processes. Our lead times will be shorter, which frees up resources and thus gives us savings in the long run.

  • Standardized integrations

    In order for the different systems to be able to talk to each other, a common language is required. It is created through standardized integrations - and open access to specifications and data models.

  • Standardized security solutions

    Datatorget provides standardized security solutions, which apply to all systems that are to be connected. For example, logins and authentications are made directly in Datatorget instead of in the respective system. Having one and the same security framework facilitates and saves time for developers.

  • Tools for developing new services

    Through Datatorget, we can reuse integrations and solutions, when similar problems arise. For example, if we have developed a feature to verify email addresses, that feature can then be used over and over again.

  • Scalable and reliable platform

    Through load balancing, caching etc. creates a scalable and reliable platform.

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The project is under development. For more information contact Magnus Lindhe.