Daisy becomes the basic code for digital assistants

Daisy becomes the basic code for digital assistants

Shared code base for several different apps

Daisy is the platform that all digital assistants should be able to start from. At present, the city's digital assistants Laiban and Britt-Mari have been developed separately, despite the fact that they largely share a code base. Through Daisy, the assistants' different functions will be available separately, so that they can be used to build different types of digital assistants.

Both Laiban and Britt-Marie are native iOS apps, which use existing features such as voice control, language support and face recognition. Through other integrations, several other functions have been developed. Among other things, the assistants can say what the user should wear based on weather, what is served for lunch and much more.

  • Language simplification with NLP

    NLP (Natural Language Processing) is used to remove difficult words and make the language of the assistant available to everyone. Today, the function is used to simplify the menu. "Crispy MSC-certified fish sticks served with a remoulade sauce, boiled organic potatoes and vegetable buffet" are automatically converted to "Fish sticks with potatoes and remoulade sauce".

  • Integration with SMHI

    The assistant is connected to SMHI, which can tell in real time how the weather is based on geographical position. Through that function, the assistant can tell users what they should wear.

  • Code in SwiftUI

    SwiftUI is a framework from Apple, which is easy to use as less code is required to quickly build an interface to apps.

  • Game engine for fun animations

    With the help of a game engine, SpriteKit, we have created interesting and fun animations in Laiban. With these animations, the assistant becomes more attractive to the users.

  • Automatic translation into several languages

    The assistants have both text and speech in several different languages, which means that more people benefit from them.

  • Admin functions for staff

    The assistants can be supplemented with information that is specific to the business, via an admin interface that the staff has access to. For example, you can specify the time coffee is served each day so that assistants can tell users.

Get started with Daisy

Daisy is under development. Contact us if you have any questions in the meantime.