In the summer of 2020, Anna B, Lovisa and Andreas sat and thought about how to know how many people move on a daily basis in our premises. Anna B wrote down today's and this week's most important meetings on a whiteboard - a fairly analogous procedure for an innovation hub.

Covid was a fact but we were still open. Before covid, there were very many colleagues from the city who streamed through the premises, both spontaneous visits but also booked meetings in our premises. The booked rooms went well to get statistics on. Andreas started researching and got hold of Axis who sent a representative to look at our ideas and challenges. We have three entrances that all use via tag. The result was a sensor that registers passage from all the inputs and then compiles this via a dashboard in real time. 

Now in October 2021, we finally got the calculator on the screen that also shows Hbg Works' meeting calendar. The meeting calendar feels so important! Now everyone, like the visitors who move in the house, can see what kind of meetings are going on, when, and what it's about. We believe this will create even more networking, leading to even more synergies and perhaps even more innovation in the end. Or it will just be a good opening comment there at the coffee machine, which we have longed so much to stand and shout at. ”Were you at the meeting about service robots before this afternoon?", approximately.

See you at Works - you count!


  • Kristina Törnblom

    And as you look forward to hanging out more at Works now!

    • Anna Lindgren


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