Now that you have come up with several ideas, you need to organize them to find themes and similarities. This is an important step to help you go from a large number of ideas to a smaller number that you can prioritize and choose from. Follow the steps below to do so.

1. Group ideas

Take all your post-it notes and put them somewhere where you can see them all. The next step is to group them into common themes or similar ideas.

Go through the notes in the groups and remove duplicates to reduce the number of notes.

While doing this, you should discuss and decide what type of themes or clusters feel relevant. You still want each group of ideas to be unique and if some ideas do not fit into any group, they can be for themselves.

2. Give the groups headings

When you have finished grouping, you should give each group a short headline that summarizes what the group is about.

Try to keep the headlines short and simple. Bet on ten words or less and write clearly so that it is easy to read.

Once you have your groups and headings, you are ready to move on to the next step in the guide and prioritize them.

If you follow the guide, go back for the next step.

6. Develop ideas