One of the best and fastest ways to understand if you have an important challenge or a good idea is to talk to others about it and hear what they think.

1. Find people

First, you need to find someone to talk to.

If you want to explore a challenge or idea, it might be a good idea to talk to:

  • Colleagues
  • The people you believe you will be affected by the challenge, or to benefit from your idea.
  • Inhabitant
  • People with specialist knowledge related to your challenge or idea

Try to talk to at least three people and see what they say.

Tip! DO NOT talk to family or friends about your idea. They will almost always say it's a good idea, which does not really help you.

2. Talk to them

If you are exploring a challenge, describe what you think and why you think it is important that this particular challenge should be solved. Ask questions, such as:

  • Do they recognize themselves in what you describe and may they even have the same challenge?
  • Do they think the challenge is important to solve, why?
  • Do they have any additional thoughts or perspectives on the challenge?

Write down their answers.

If you are exploring an idea, describe what it will do and why it is needed. Then listen to what people are saying.

  • What do they think is good about your idea?
  • What do they think is less good about your idea?
  • Do they think it can be a valuable idea?

Write down their answers.

3. Analyze your result

Look through the answers you received and try to summarize.

If you are exploring a challenge, do others like you think that it is important to find a solution to the challenge? What other thoughts and perspectives emerged in the conversations?

If you are exploring an idea, what was good and what might need to be improved? What questions did the people you spoke to have that can help you describe the idea better in the future?

If you follow one of those guides, go back for the next step.

2. Circle the challenge


7. Surveillance around the world


8. Make your idea more concrete


1. Start here


2. Make your idea more concrete