The purpose of personal presentations is for all participants to get to know each other as individuals and to build trust and openness in the group by strengthening the social community.

1. Preparations

Each participant prepares a short personal presentation about themselves and shares important experiences, events, people or stories that helped shape them as individuals.

Preparation time: 15-20 minutes.

Feel free to use the flipchart and write down words and draw symbols that visualize the presentation.

Tips for those who hold the exercise: Make your presentation first so that the participants have a presentation to start from.

2. Implementation

Each participant presents to the whole group for 3 minutes (or longer depending on the size of the group). Listen actively and focused on the speaker.

Tips for those who hold the exercise: It is important to create a safe and inviting environment so that those who are going to tell their personal story can feel calm. In some cases, it can be emotional and it is perfectly okay and should be welcomed. If someone becomes very emotional, it can be good to have a conversation with them after the exercise.

3. Subsequent questions

If the group is small and you have plenty of time, you can take the opportunity to have a question and answer session after each presentation.

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3. Find friends and create a team


3. Find friends and create a team