After running one or more tests that confirmed that testers like the concept behind your idea (cheers!), You can now create a more complex prototype.

In this phase of idea development, the prototype will show details of how your idea works so that testers get an experience of what the final product or service will be like.

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A more complex app prototype

To create a more complex app or web prototype, you can use Microsoft Power Point. Here is an example (English).

You can also try one of these programs for free:

To make a more complex prototype of a thing or a place

When you get this far, you can make an almost fully functional version of your idea (with slightly fewer features and details than you think in the final version). But close enough to a final version to test the full value of your idea.

A more complex prototype of a service

Here you can think that you should implement the new or improved service for real, but on a smaller scale.

Example: Instead of the entire business offering the new service, it may be that one or a few employees will try out the new service with the residents and for a limited time (one or a few weeks).

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9. Make a prototype


4. Make a prototype