Did you know that there is a database that contains many of the innovative projects that are run in Helsingborg? Look here!

1. Look around

In the database, you will find the initiatives that are being worked on in the city of Helsingborg. Try sorting by challenges, technology or management.

  • Can you find something similar to your idea?
  • Are there any projects that have experience with a particular technology that you think you could use in the test of your idea?
  • Are there perhaps projects being carried out in the same place where you intend to test your idea?

Write down what you find in your notes.

2. Get in touch

If you find a project that is similar to yours, send an email to the contact person to find out more and see if you might be able to learn more about how they have done in their project.

If you do not find anything, maybe your project will be here in the future!

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