You can use this method yourself or with others to arrive at and take the first steps in a project. The method is based on nine questions where the answers are written down and become the basis for your project plan.

1. Check in and go through the method

Gather the group and make a quick check-in to see if everyone is comfortable and in the moment. For example, a question might be: What do I hope to get out of the day?

Explain what you are going to do

Explain that it will be a fairly short and focused exercise that aims for the group to arrive at the project plan, structure and how you will work. The exercise will be based on nine questions that you in the group will answer together. Write down the answers on paper but transfer the answers to the computer afterwards so that it is easier to save and share with others.

Tip! It may be a good idea to use a whiteboard or flipchart instead of sitting down at a table.

2. Create a parking space

If questions or thoughts arise that are outside the main questions, it can be good to have a "parking space" for them.

Write down and put these questions in the parking lot, but at the same time be clear that these are questions for later discussion and that you do this so that the group will maintain focus on the main issues.

Set a time frame for the questions

Agree in the group on how long you have to complete the exercise. Distribute the time evenly per question. Example if you have 9 questions and 90 minutes to do the exercise, you get 10 minutes per question.

You who hold the exercise are responsible for the group's discussion being focused. You can also be responsible for taking notes and keeping track of time. But you can of course share the responsibility with others in the group.

4. Answer the nine questions together

Download the questions

5. Document

When you have written down the answers to all the questions, you must decide who will compile the answers and other material in a document that you can share in the team. The document can be reused and built on during the project or used as documentation of the starting point for the project.

6. Check out

Finish the exercise with a check-out where all project members answer what they are going to do next in the project.

If you follow one of those guides, go back for the next step.

3. Find friends and create a team


3. Find friends and create a team