If your idea is complex, it is a good idea to break it down into smaller parts before making a prototype and testing. In this method, you will be able to explore what values your idea can have for the end user.

1. What values do you want your idea to create?

If you have previously filled in an idea canvas, you can start from the values you have written down.

If you have not filled in an idea canvas, think about what values your idea can create for the end user. Always assume that your idea is a success! It will be both more fun and easier.

Write down the values, for example on post-it notes. One value per note. (You will rank them later).

Example: An idea with two values can be: my idea will make the library more inclusive (value 1) and enable people from different parts of the city to meet and get to know each other (value 2).

2. Rank the values of the idea

If you wrote multiple values, you should now rank them with the most important first. The most important means what value must be achieved for the idea to succeed? What is the next most important, and so on.

You do this to find out what to focus on when you later make your prototype.

3. Now you have a focus for the prototype

The value that sits at the top of your ranking is what you should focus on when making your first prototype.

The prototype should show how your idea will create just that value for the end user. The tester will then decide if he thinks your idea will have this value or how you can improve your idea or prototype.

If you follow one of those guides, go back for the next step.

9. Make a prototype


4. Make a prototype