An idea canvas is a simple tool that helps you develop an idea further based on a couple of simple headings that are good to think through (There are a lot of other similar tools - google for example on "Business model canvas" or "idea canvas" for a plethora of variants). By doing this, you get a more elaborate idea that you can describe in detail to others.


1. Download an idea canvas

You can start with this simple idea canvas template:

Download template

Then print the template (if you prefer to type by hand) or type directly on your computer.

2. Work with the canvas

Work through each of the different areas on the canvas. Think through your answers and write them down on the canvas.

The goal is to think through the idea more deeply, so spend some time on this and write down more than just a few words for each section.

Get feedback

Now you have your filled idea canvas.

If you follow one of those guides, go back to the guide and follow the next step to get some feedback on your idea.

If you follow one of those guides, go back for the next step.

8. Make your idea more concrete


2. Make your idea more concrete