Already early in the innovation process we look at what needs and challenges it is that we should try to address with innovation. It is closely linked to effects and what value we really want to achieve with innovation. Some effect goals are general, while others are more specific - much depends on the nature of the innovation idea. It also means that the measurement looks different. Regardless, it is a matter of course that all innovation initiatives must have an intention to achieve positive effects in order to be tested.

One thing is for sure: the money that is being invested now will give multiple value back.

The city's basic hypothesis is that we must be tested to get the right answers. It is a balancing act to measure potential value creation against the initial effort - and it is not something an individual employee needs to do alone. There is Hbg Works as support. At Hbg Works, there are intrapreneurs who can help figure out how a test should be done and who needs to be involved. They also help to rig the measurement, so that we can actually find out what effect the test had.  

Most of the work we do now is not counted home from day one. Helsingborg is on a longer journey, where much of the value of the innovation work will only pay off in several years. 

If you are still curious about effect goals, you can read about the goals for the initiative on their respective side.