Helsingborg's investment in innovation is based on establishing a long-term innovation culture, which is based on courage, trust, cooperation and low prestige. To establish an innovation structure is not to establish a traditional structure in an organization, with departments, units and teams. Rather, it is about creating opportunities to work in the spaces. In the spaces between the departments and the administrations. The new structure will make it easy to go from having an idea, to testing it sharply, to then scale it up. It must be clear where you go with your idea, who helps, what information is needed, how decisions are made, how funds are requested and how everything is ultimately reported and evaluated.

At the same time, the right abilities are needed, which should work in the spaces and create collaboration. The innovation investment has meant that the city has had to establish completely new roles. Today there is innovation leader in all administrations and the accelerator and meeting place Hbg Works has been established to support all administrations and the city's companies in the innovation work. At the same time, we have directed the light outwards to see what abilities already exist in the city's various activities. This is where the innovation work will take place.

However, the band has to go back quite a bit to see where the strategic work began. A basic precondition was to first create an understanding of what innovation work is - in the entire organization. There was an early realization that everyone must be on the train for us as a city to succeed. The idea of the innovative city then began to spread to the city's employees, managers and management, but also to residents.

For Helsingborg, innovation work is about testing many things and accepting that not everyone will succeed. That it's okay to fail.

For Helsingborg, innovation work is about testing many things and accepting that not everyone will succeed. That it's okay to fail. To create great change requires radical action, and then we need to test things that we have never tested before.

Early on, Helsingborg began working with trust-based governance. Steering with confidence means taking advantage of the abilities and commitment of residents and employees. About starting from the needs of the resident, company, organization or visitor. All to create better quality in the services. To meet the needs and experiences of those we exist for, we have a holistic view of our governance where we stimulate collaboration within and between the city's operations and with other actors. to create a more independent and courageous organization. Under the slogan "Dare, test, do", this work has paved the way for the innovation initiative, which is largely based on the same values. Successful innovation work is thus largely about changing a culture. Courage and low prestige need to be instilled in everyone. It requires a leadership that dares to make decisions, even though you do not really know if you will succeed or not. To dare to put down what does not work. It requires that we dare to admit that we do not always know best and that we therefore cooperate across borders. Helsingborg aims to work even more with companies, residents, associations and academia - but also with other municipalities. There is a strong belief that the challenges of the future can only be solved if we do it together.