The idea of a municipal accelerator was hatched in a reform group for digitization. The vision was an arena for innovation, where digitization projects and innovation ideas could be shaped. The place would promote new thinking and would inject more energy into the municipality as a whole. In 2019, the doors to Hbg Works were opened.  

Today, Hbg Works is both a meeting place and an accelerator for innovation. Here, several teams work to support the innovation work that is going on in the municipality's operations. A team employs four so-called intrapreneurs, who have the task of acting as contact persons for the people who drive innovation in the administrations - sometimes for the innovation leaders and sometimes ate an individual idea bearer. The intrapreneurs support the innovation work, from the stage where an initiative is just an idea to it being scaled up or closed down. Intrapreneurs are as much a knowledge bank as an encouraging friend on the road to innovation. Hbg Works also employs designers who develop prototypes and concepts, and developers who both code new solutions and manage those that already exist.  

Regardless of tasks, everyone has the goal of making Helsingborg a more innovative organization. Many at Hbg Works are employed because they want to influence, change and be involved in society. In practice, it is about supporting with innovation methodology, driving innovation pilots and scaling up what turns out to create value. In short, Hbg Works is a catapult for all ideas bubbling up in the operations, and which can eventually become new innovations.  

As a meeting place, Hbg Works houses its own teams, but also representatives from the city's other businesses and companies. In this way, it becomes a given meeting place for those who want to work with development and innovation work. The premises create conditions for working flexibly and workshops, lectures and meetings of all kinds are also held here.