How can we make it easier for our students to see different difficult occupations that they did not know they could be interested in? How can a fourteen-year-old discover occupations in rapidly changing industries such as the tech industry? What does a product owner do? An AI trainer? A full-stack developer? Can a chatbot help and show different pre-places and high school choices depending on what the student is curious about? With a game, can we entice the fourteen-year-old to discover even more new exciting professions that he did not know existed?


The labor market is constantly evolving and it can be a challenge to find the right one among all new professions, titles and industries. What does a UX designer do during the day and what training should you go to if you want to work with game development? We want to make it easier for our students to find opportunities they may not have known existed and make it easier for our study and career counselors to meet the students in their thoughts.


We are now investigating whether a digital service with elements of gameplay and chatbot can help answer students' questions and guide to interviews and other material that local entrepreneurs have posted and which can provide an insight into the professions that the student is curious about. Maybe the students can get in touch with the entrepreneurs directly in the service?

When we build the prototype, we test it with a high school class and a primary school class and a couple of entrepreneurs in the tech industry locally in Helsingborg. We believe that there is potential to scale up the solution to more industries and similar needs among adults looking for new jobs and educational opportunities.

Impact target

Increased knowledge of future professions in the labor market

Resident involvement

The idea is being tested together with students at Tågaborgsskolan.


Name: Marlene Klit Welin
E-mail: marlene.klitwelin@helsingborg.se

Name: Tommy Boije
E-mail: tommy.boije@helsingborg.se