How can we make it easier for students and guardians with a mother tongue other than Swedish to get information about how things like compulsory schooling and association life and other things work in the Swedish school?


The school has expectations of both students and guardians, but also has opportunities to provide support to achieve those expectations. However, the way to find the right support can be difficult to find if, for example, you do not know Swedish well enough. In this initiative, we want to investigate whether we can facilitate the path to the right information and support.



During a first exploration phase, we conduct a survey of the surrounding world and interview guardians and various actors in the city of Helsingborg to concretize what the need looks like. A digital and multilingual information folder or an app in reading book format used by students and guardians can be a possible solution.

Impact target

Increased opportunities to get information about the school

Resident involvement

Students and guardians are involved in the exploration.


Name: Gunilla Jönsson - teacher Västra Berga school
E-mail: gunilla.jönsson2@helsingborg.se

Name: Charlott Everberg - teacher Västra Berga school
E-mail: charlott.everberg@helsingborg.se