In a construction playground, it is the children who create their own challenges. Do we dare to think beyond the ready-made play equipment and let our students build their own play experience? Can we take advantage of our local companies' waste materials to do so?


The cornerstones of construction game:

  • The environment is flexible and will never be finished. 
  • Different types of loose material are provided.
  • All children are given the opportunity to find their challenges, at the right level
  • Adults are present and responsible for the place and the children's activities, but let the children's initiative guide and be in focus.

The construction game provides a space for the city's children to explore, create and influence their places themselves. It encourages play, movement and creativity.


Construction playgrounds were common in the past but were gradually removed during the 70s and 80s and replaced by pre-programmed scaffolding. However, we believe that Helsingborg is ready for construction game version 2.0, this time in close collaboration with the local business community where we take advantage of waste materials from companies.

The construction game is being tested this time together with IKEA at DM during H22 City Expo. To follow up the value, we plan to follow:

  • Number of children / preschools / schools who choose to test the method during the 5 expo weeks
  • Number of preschools / schools that after testing are interested in introducing the construction play method on their own schoolyard
  • Follow the costs for purchased schoolyard materials at the preschools / schools that choose to start using the method

Impact target

Fewer finished scaffolding and more construction play on the city's schoolyards

Resident involvement

The construction game is tested together with the city's schools and preschools.


Name: Emma Sjöberg - School and leisure administration
E-mail: emma.sjöberg@helsingborg.se