In 2019, SOS Alarm and the City of Helsingborg began a unique industry collaboration. With the help of joint prediction analyzes, we build on the city's work with EST - Effective coordination for security and the Event Map. Together with SOS Alarm, we look at how we can go from being reactive to being preventive. How we reduce consequences for unwanted events and how together we can optimize our resources for a safer Helsingborg.


The City of Helsingborg and SOS Alarm will share mapping and analyzes of various events, this provides a better basis for action and decisions. A common material becomes broader and creates greater accuracy in being able to predict future developments and prevent unwanted events at an early stage.



With this unique and innovative collaboration between state-owned companies and municipalities, we can act proactively in the city's security work in a new way. By sharing information and data with each other, we will with greater accuracy be able to identify risks and unwanted events and act - before they occur!


Impact target

Resource optimization

Impact target

Reduces the consequences for adverse events in the public environment


Name: Emma Stedt
E-mail: Emma.Stedt@helsingborg.se