Who will be on the next visit? It is a security for our customers to know who from the home care is knocking next. Name and picture are desirable, perhaps also something about what efforts are planned to be carried out during the visit. What the solution should look like needs to be explored further.


In connection with the evaluation work of the HSL assistant nurse, it emerged in dialogue with the occupational therapist that for some customers it is associated with concern not to know who is coming to visit. MAS has also confirmed the need. Getting that information in advance can contribute to increased security for our customers and relatives.

Personnel continuity in home care is currently measured at 10.81. The continuity figures are taken from the decision support Qliksense. The figures are produced in accordance with how the National Board of Health and Welfare produces its statistics and are based on the number of unique employees who have been at the customer's home during the first Monday of the month and 14 days ahead (Monday-Sunday). If a public holiday falls during the 14-day period, the measurement period jumps forward by one week. The customers covered by the statistics are over 65 years of age and receive at least two visits from home care per day between 07-22. The night is therefore not included.


The solution needs to be further explored to suit customers' needs. It could be a screen at the customer's home that is connected to the scheduling. An analogous solution through photos with names and efforts that are put up on a board would also fulfill the purpose, but involve a work effort for the home care staff at each visit. A digital solution would be preferable.

Work on feasibility studies and anchoring is ongoing. We plan development during the winter and delivery of a working prototype in February 2022, tested and evaluated during the spring by customers in home care. Implementation for all customers in home care will begin in the autumn of 2022.

We see that the screen can also be used in other areas in the city such as home service, LSS operations, personal assistance.

Impact target

Increased security among customers in home care


Name: Eric Semb
E-mail: eric.semb@helsingborg.se