It rings on the front door but you are unsure who it is and do not know if you dare open. This is the reality for many of our customers in home care. Who will be on the next visit? Security increases when the resident receives the name and picture of the home care staff and knows what time and what efforts are planned for the visit.

The Who Comes Home screen can also be used in home service, LSS housing support and personal assistance.

An MVP or so-called prototype is now in the Home for life apartment shown on H22 CityExpo. It is designed based on the requirements and the functionality that we requested. In the future, we will now monitor the outside world for what is on the market that can meet our requirements and wishes, and then make a decision to continue developing Who Comes Home or to bring in an external solution.


Home care customers may be concerned about not knowing who or when someone is visiting the home. Their sense of security and quality of life increases when they gain knowledge in advance about who is coming, when and what efforts the person plans to perform at home.

The need for the Who Comes Home screen comes from both customers and employees - assistant nurses, occupational therapists and medically responsible nurses. The idea comes from operations manager Eric Semb.


Following various proposals for solutions, we built a digital prototype during the winter of 2021. In the prototype, the home care staff's schedule is linked to a digital information screen at the customer's home. The screen shows when the customer can expect someone to come home for a visit as well as the name and picture of who is coming.

The prototype will be tested in February 2022 and will be evaluated by customers in home care during the spring. The hope is that all home care customers will have the finished product in place during the autumn of 2022.

Impact target

Increased security among customers in home care

Impact target

Increased security among anxious customers who receive home visits in other businesses

Impact target

Reduced number of calls to the Contact Center and reduced administration for home care staff


Name: Eric Semb
E-mail: eric.semb@helsingborg.se