Can we make a learning environment accessible to students who for various reasons are not able to attend with the help of VR and 360 technology?


With the help of new technology such as virtual reality and 360-degree recording, we can make it possible to experience places without visiting them. Sometimes, for various reasons, our students cannot attend the classroom and then risk missing important parts of the teaching.

At the same time, there are many more places that would have been valuable for our students to visit, but which are difficult to get to or which cannot welcome large groups. Think, for example, of a small lab or an industrial environment that requires protective measures. Can we make it possible for our students to still experience those parts of the labor market, without leaving the classroom?


InClubit 360 is a technical solution developed by RISE and is partly a hardware part in the form of a 360 camera and VR glasses together with the software InClubit 360 which streams a broadcast from the classroom to the student without delay and in an integrity-secure manner. https://www.ri.se/sv/vad-vi-gor/projekt/inclubit-360-for-okad-inkludering-genom-vr-360

In this pilot, the Pedagogical Center wants to test the technology together with Tågaborgsskolan to evaluate the technology based on its primary purpose, to include students who do not have the opportunity to attend, but also to explore the possibilities of using the technology to make study visits to hard-to-reach workplaces.

At the H22 City Expo:

Impact target

Insights into the possibilities of using the technology

Resident involvement

The idea is being tested together with students at Tågaborgsskolan.


Name: Ola Sandén - Pedagogical Center
E-mail: ola.sanden@helsingborg.se