Can we make it easier to provide the right support to our students by facilitating the mapping process?


The mapping tools used today are often static and rarely come down to an in-depth level. The working methods linked to the tools also mean that the student often has to repeat the same exercise together with the next support body with which he or she comes into contact.


Through a test of the app Ommej we want to see if we can shorten the time from the time a need for support comes to our notice, until the student receives the right support. This is partly by the mapping tool collecting the descriptions from the student in a new way and partly by using the student's stories in a smarter way between the support activities so that the student does not have to submit the same information several times.

The test is carried out by 10 curators at Elevhälsan during the spring term 2022. The tool is tested in parallel at The social administration with the ambition to create participation in the development of social services.

Impact target

Shorter mapping time, which means that the student in need receives support more quickly

Impact target

An easier mapping procedure for students

Resident involvement

Students are involved in testing the tool.


Name: Lise-Lott Persson - unit manager Student Health
E-mail: lise-lott.persson@helsingborg.se

Name: Marie Andréasson - unit manager Student Health
E-mail: Marie.Andréasson2@helsingborg.se