Along the city motorway 111, there is now a completely unique, monumentally new water tower, which together with the tower in Fredriksdal will supply the growing smart Helsingborg with fresh water. Using current data linked to water, climate, wind, air pressure and wave motions, algorithms are created. Together with musical segments from, for example, the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, these will generate suggestive sounds and ambient music in and around the water tower. A twin project is being developed in the Oops project in Oceanhamnen.


The music experience reinforces the monumental character of the water tower and emphasizes the importance of water with the help of the power of art. The unique music experience in combination with the tower's unique, internationally acceptable architectural design will be able to help highlight the importance of fresh water as a crucial living condition, and thus create awareness of one of the crucial environmental issues of our time.

The Swedish National Gallery of Music also contributes to the goal of being able to offer strong cultural experiences throughout Helsingborg.


We test how new music can be created based on collected climate data and algorithms that are built with it as components. We test how AI can interact with human creators to create new musical works of art.

Impact target

The ambition is for the installation to be active for 5 years.


We have installed a unique 24 channel sound system in the water tower. The Cultural Administration is arranging an inauguration of the water tower together with NSVA on 7 June.


Name: Serkan Erol
E-mail: serkan.erol@helsingborg.se

Name: Max Granström
E-mail: max.granstrom@helsingborg.se