Walk in my shoes is a participant-based project that brings together people who would never otherwise meet and lets them tell each other's stories. It is run by SPECT performing arts, with the social administration as the need owner and coordinator in the city.

Challenges in recruitment meant that the project needed to be completed


We want and need to meet and be part of a context. The project leads to a storytelling performance where people who may not be visible are made visible.

Categorizations of people and groups in society isolate us and create distance, alienation and fear of the unknown. The loneliness that can be the result has proven to be a major cause of both mental and physical illness.

The unique thing about the project is the improvisational method, which combines theater exercises, storytelling techniques and process tools from psychotherapy with a focus on the relationships in the group. Respect, listening and dialogue are the common thread in the meetings where the participants can use their creativity and express themselves.


The group trains storytelling and theater techniques, plays, gets to know each other and builds a meaningful togetherness.

Having your own story retold by someone who makes it your own is a powerful experience that opens up new perspectives and provides opportunities for healing. Incorporating someone else's experience through the narrative affects one's empathy and understanding of "the other". The project functions as a meeting place where you create a context, which makes you feel better and is better equipped to cope with your life.

  • Challenge

    How can we help people feel less lonely?

  • Category


  • Sector

    Participation, Co-creation, Mental Health, Social innovation, Social entrepreneurship

  • Partners

    Helsingborg City Theater, Inhabitant, Sopact, Spect performing arts


Name: Pernilla Kvist
E-mail: pernilla.kvist@helsingborg.se