How can VR be used as an innovative way of working within our LSS operations? VR educator Daniel Kemppi will find out in a feasibility study that primarily focuses on three activities within LSS.


There is a great deal of interest in VR use in the operations and through this feasibility study we can identify what needs there are and how the technology can be used in the best way. The feasibility study will also map out whether there are any risks with VR use for people with disabilities, and how they can be managed in that case.


Some examples of how VR can be used by the LSS operations are:

  • increased movement through VR games
  • pain reduction
  • relaxation exercises
  • experience environments that you may stay in in the future

The feasibility study, which started in the autumn of 2020, is a first step in the work of implementing VR in our operations.

Impact target

Knowledge of how VR can be used recreationally within LSS

Resident involvement

The feasibility study is carried out together with three activities within LSS


Name: Daniela Cartes Fernandez
E-mail: daniela.cartesfernandez@helsingborg.se

Name: Marie Strömberg
E-mail: marie.stromberg@helsingborg.se