We paint ceilings white - both good for the environment and for young people who need work! The idea is taken from New York where they have painted lots with white ceilings.


The project focuses partly on creating jobs in painting for young unemployed people, integrating young people born abroad and contributing to a better indoor environment by lowering the temperature in the premises during the summer months.


By painting with white heat-reflecting coating, a carbon dioxide-compensating roof is achieved, where a large part of the sun's radiation is reflected away as a result of the white color's reflectivity.

The work is run through a collaborative project between the property management, Helsingborgshem and the labor market administration and Måleriföretagen. The property management and Helsingborgshem stand for ceilings that can be painted, the labor market administration stands for young labor and the Painting companies for work management and competence.

Challenge: To create a safe workplace and that a building permit is approved in the near future so that the young people have time to be educated.


Impact target

Lower indoor temperature in summer, extended maintenance interval of cardboard roofs, young people who come to work.

  • Driven by

    Property management

  • Category

    Climate & Environment

  • Technologies

    Environmental technology

  • Estimated budget

    450000 kr

  • Sector

    Real estate

  • Partners

    Labor market administration, Helsingborgshem, Painting companies


Name: Maria Gudmundsson
E-mail: maria.gudmundsson@helsingborg.se