Can we use sensors to measure what is affecting our climate and then visualize it using dashboards in our classrooms?


Climate change is affecting us all and many of our children and young people are deeply committed to finding solutions to the challenges they bring. Can we facilitate the teaching of how the climate works and make something concrete out of an issue that might otherwise be perceived as a bit abstract?


We test sensors that measure climate-influencing factors and then visualize them on a dashboard that can be used in teaching.

Through workshops, students and teachers at Västra Ramlösa and Gläntanskolan have learned more about how IoT (the Internet of Things) works and looked for ideas on what can be measured in that way. We are now collecting students 'feedback to see which data sources are interesting and what the students' thoughts on visualization look like.

You will find a first version of the dashboard here. Now students can monitor noise level and CO2 level in real time in their classroom. Soil moisture sensors and air data are in progress. We also want to be able to follow food waste on an ongoing basis.

At the H22 City expo:


Impact target

Increased opportunities to use IoT technology in teaching

Resident involvement

The idea is being tested with students at Västra Ramlösa School.


Name: Jennifer Tong - Hbg Works
E-mail: jennifer.tong@helsingborg.se

Name: André Karpelius - Västra Ramlösa school
E-mail: andre.karpelius@helsingborg.se

Name: Thomas Huldt - Digitization department
E-mail: thomas.huldt@helsingborg.se