Our ambition is to find an actor to collaborate with in order to implement Oceanön, which will also include about 200 homes!


In H + we want to create an urban archipelago in Oceanhamnen by building canals through Oslopiren and Oceanpiren and in between building a new island. WE are humble and realize that we can not do it ourselves. Therefore, we go out at a very early stage to hook arm with an actor that we want to work with throughout the process.

In this way, both a common learning process and something that is quite unique is created - a completely new island!


We are testing a different way of asking actors to collaborate, we are testing collaborating at an early stage and we are testing whether there are sustainable ways to realize our ambition.

Impact target

Collaborate with an actor who has the opportunity to implement Oceanön.

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    Advanced construction technology


Name: Johan Cedergren
E-mail: Johan.cedergren2@helsingborg.se