A program for accelerated innovation that driven so-called healthcare innovators can apply for. For six months, the care innovators divide their time between working as a care assistant or assistant, and developing and finding solutions to the companies' needs and problems.


Innovation in health and care is seldom done by those who know the questions best. The employees in our operations are those who have the deep knowledge of what needs and problems there are and are the ones who have the relationships with the customers. They often lack competence regarding development and innovation, while entrepreneurs, students and start-up companies lack the deep knowledge of care that the care staff has.

By inviting entrepreneurs to healthcare in this way, we believe that the pace of innovation can be accelerated, while at the same time the innovations have a clearer connection to the operations.

We also work actively to give healthcare staff the skills and resources to work innovatively, including through innovation sprints and workshops. Through the care innovators, the care staff get an additional opportunity to learn about innovation and development work.


The program for accelerated innovation started in December 2020. The program runs for six months and means for those who are accepted as a care innovator:

  • An office in a nursing home / LSS home / home care.
  • A simpler "creator lab" with whiteboard, 3D printer, soldering iron, sewing machine and other materials.
  • Access to materials from the accommodation such as wheelchairs and blood pressure cuffs for measuring and adapting prototypes.
  • Salary under the program.

The arrangement is that the care innovator works two days a week as an assistant or care assistant. During these days, the healthcare innovator gets the opportunity to build relationships with both customers and staff, and at the same time gain knowledge and insights about the needs and problems in the business. During the remaining working days, the healthcare innovator works to develop simple prototypes and test them the same afternoon together with staff and customers.

Impact target

Several needs-driven innovations based on experiences in the care environment

Impact target

User stories that can be used as a basis for innovation projects

Impact target

Involvement of employees and residents in the innovation process

Resident involvement

The care innovators are in the business, they share everyday life with the care staff and talk to residents and tenants. Together, they create an understanding of the important problems and test solutions


Name: Johan Müllern-Aspegren
E-mail: johan.mullern-aspegren@helsingborg.se

Name: Annika Andersson
E-mail: annika.andersson7@helsingborg.se