A healthcare innovator is a student / entrepreneur / entrepreneur with knowledge of development and innovation, who is employed for 6 months to solve a challenge in a healthcare and care business. The care innovator does not need to have any care and nursing education, other employees do.

The healthcare innovator observes the daily work to find things that work less well for employees or customers. The observations then form the basis for developing and finding solutions to the companies' needs and problems. The healthcare innovator's time is divided between working on site in the business and developing the solution that is needed, for example through simpler prototypes that can be tested directly on site by customers and employees.


There is rarely time to work continuously with innovation and future development in health and care activities. At the same time, it is the employees in our operations who have the deep knowledge of what needs and problems there are. It is the employees who have the relationships with the customers.

Experienced developers, entrepreneurs, students and startup companies have the innovation knowledge but instead lack the deep knowledge about care that exists among employees.

When we hire a healthcare innovator, the pace of innovation can accelerate, at the same time as the innovations have a clearer connection to the operations.

We work actively to provide healthcare staff with skills and resources to work innovatively, including through innovation sprints and workshops. With the healthcare innovator, employees have an even greater opportunity to learn about innovation and development work. This allows the entire unit to be developed when a healthcare innovator is in place.

By developing new, smarter and less resource-intensive methods, our customers will receive better care in the future.


The program started in December 2020 and in 2021, four healthcare innovators have been employed. The four services were financed by the administration and have not cost the units anything.

The healthcare innovator has a two-part service. At half-time, he walks next to regular staff, gets to know the business, observes, asks questions and maps the challenge in the regular work. The second half works with well-known design methods, receives training from the administration's innovation team when needed, works with the solution and performs user tests on site.

Anyone who becomes employed as a healthcare innovator will have access to:

  • an office in a nursing home / LSS home / home care
  • computer, mobile and work clothes
  • a simpler creative lab with materials as needed
  • access to materials from the business as needed

An important support for the care innovator is the unit's manager and employee. They should work as usual but explain, show and tell about their tasks and be active in the innovation process.

Impact target

More innovations in care and nursing environments that are developed based on the needs of the business

Impact target

User stories that can be used as a basis for more innovation projects

Impact target

Committed and active employees and customers in the innovation process

Impact target

Increased knowledge of demand-driven development and innovation among our employees

Resident involvement

The care innovators are in the business, they share everyday life with the care staff and talk to residents and tenants. Together, they create an understanding of the important problems and test solutions.


Name: Johan Müllern-Aspegren
E-mail: johan.mullern-aspegren@helsingborg.se

Name: Annika Andersson
E-mail: annika.andersson7@helsingborg.se