It is difficult for managers and salaried employees who lack their own user experience to fully understand the user perspective when we are to hire staff. Therefore, we are now testing a model where users participate in the recruitment process.


It is important that user participation is present at all stages of the social administration's work in order to have an impact on how we work, including in the recruitment of new employees. We at the social administration invest in developing our services through so-called service logic or service design. That is, how we can adapt our services to the users' needs and wishes, through user participation. This places new demands on our employees. They should be open to testing new ways and are expected to work based on the user's goals, needs and abilities in a way that sometimes differs from traditional social work.


The companies have tried to include people with their own user experience when recruiting. Ideally, the user is with the whole way from job description and ad design to interviews and analysis of the candidates.

Together with researchers for the Center for Service Research (CTF) at Karlstad University, we are putting together a model for how it can work more systematically, with a "user bank" where we can match users with appropriate experience for each recruitment.

Impact target

Recruit employees who are motivated to work with user participation

Impact target

The recruiting manager should feel that it adds something to their decision

Impact target

Users should feel that they can be involved and influence

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    Center for Service Research (CTF), Karlstad University, Research and Development Unit (R&D), Inhabitant, The school and leisure administration


Name: David Bergström
E-mail: david.bergstrom@helsingborg.se