Qualitative method test on users' experiences in order to systematically develop Helsingborg's social services


That our users feel that the support we provide is useful must be one of the most important issues in our business. Despite this, we have not previously had a system in collecting and compiling information about whether our users actually feel that we are doing the right things that are useful to them. We are now changing this by actually asking our users and then examining whether the compiled data leads to changed working methods / more benefit for the users


We test to systematically collect and compile information via interviews about how our users experience our services. The resident controls the interview to put into words what is really important to them. The data is compiled and analyzed by the working group with which the resident has had contact. The working group then analyzes the collected material and a researcher follows whether the group's reflection leads to the development of the company's services.

Impact target

Improved social services for our residents

Resident involvement

Resident participation through interviews


Name: Pernilla Kvist
E-mail: pernilla.kvist@helsingborg.se