We want to understand more about the connections between bathing water quality, why coliform bacteria have been found on the beaches and whether they can possibly be linked to rain and emissions from our sewage systems.

Our project Urbana bad will give us more answers to our questions.


In Helsingborg, there is everything from quiet natural beaches to central bathing areas with a high pulse, which provides quality of life.

But it presupposes good bathing water quality, which has been a challenge.


Through a project that runs from 2020 to 2022 and is a collaboration between the City of Helsingborg, Lund University, Malmö City, NSVA, VA SYD and Sweden Water Research, we investigate what affects bathing water quality and how we can ensure the best possible quality in the future.

Impact target

Understanding of what affects bathing water quality and better bathing water quality

  • Category

    Climate & Environment

  • Sector

    Public environment

  • Partners

    Lunds university, NSVA


Name: Elisabeth Lindberg
E-mail: elisabeth.lindberg@helsingborg.se