Helsingborg is a coastal city with 22 bathing places and very many bathers. In recent years, the city has struggled with poor bathing water samples that have resulted in the classification "Poor" on some of our most popular beaches.

With today's sampling method, it takes four days before results. This creates an unnecessary uncertainty about when it is safe to swim.

The pilot will mean that the city of Helsingborg in the summer of 2022 will receive an answer on what levels of E. coli and enterococci are in the bathing water in 15 minutes instead of what today takes 4 days. In the long run, technology also enables us to predict problems before they actually occur, and even when it is safe to reopen the beaches.


The pilot Urban bathing - bathing water quality is granted innovation funding because the city needs to move forward in the issue of bathing water quality. This is a current issue that flares up in the media every summer and is very close to the hearts of our Helsingborg citizens.


We will test existing technology in a new context to be able to warn bathers of too high and harmful bacterial levels. The analysis is done immediately and the answer comes in a minute. In the long run, the goal is to use machine learning (AI) to enable an early warning system for poor bathing water quality.

Impact target

Response to bathing water quality in 15 minutes instead of 4 days.


Name: elisabet lindberg
E-mail: elisabet.lindberg@helsingborg.se