Ung Helsingborg is a platform for young people who need support in finding the right studies or a job, or who need help understanding what they really want.


Right now, more and more young people are out of work, and the city of Helsingborg wants in the fastest possible way to be a support for the young people who need help and advice in reaching a job or start studying. Getting into an exclusion early can make it difficult to get out of it. We also see that the group of young people is particularly affected by the crisis in the labor market in the wake of Corona.

With Ung Helsingborg, we want to easily reach all young people who need answers to various questions. Some want to know what education they should go to to achieve their dream job, others have had a job that they have now lost during the corona crisis. There are also some who need help finding out what they want.


Initially, Ung Helsingborg was intended to be a physical meeting place and we were in the planning phase for one. To meet the needs that have followed in the footsteps of Corona, we have quickly changed our minds and have now created a website and you can call or email if you need help.

You can find the website here:


Young Helsingborg has many different skills and those who make contact should not be passed around. The investment is a complement to the service that the Swedish Public Employment Service offers.

Impact target

More young people at work or further studies

Resident involvement

Young people have been involved in designing the website. Young people have also been involved in shaping the service through in-depth interviews and surveys.


Name: Lotta Engstrand
E-mail: lotta.engstrand@helsingborg.se