With the help of a new complementary tool, we want to test new forms to follow, communicate and conduct a dialogue about our students' development.


Students and their guardians must receive continuous information about the student's development and part of that work is the development interview, which is usually held once per semester. It is difficult and time-consuming for a subject teacher or mentor to get an overview of a student's development in many different subjects at the same time. Teachers usually gather their comments before each developmental interview and it is often only then that a mentor also gets to know how things are going for the students in the students' other courses.


The teachers at Tycho Brahe School wanted to solve this and in recent years have worked with a common Excel file to get an overview of how things are going for the students, which has given not only an overview but also new opportunities for analysis of what measures may be right. to insert. The work has been further developed and resulted in the tool Tychometer. The pilot versions have been shown to create value and new features have been found to test - that students can be involved with comments in the tool in the same way as the teacher, for example.

Tychometer 2.0 is a web-based platform and we are developing it as a complement to Itslearning with good integrations with Skola24 and Procapita. In a first next step, all classes at Tycho Brahe School will test the solution.

By extension, we see opportunities to link the initiative to, among other things School analysis / More to high school with AIinitiative.

Impact target

Increased proportion of students who complete upper secondary school in three years

Resident involvement

The system is being tested together with students at the Tycho Brahe school.


Name: Katarina Vesterberg
E-mail: katarina.vesterberg@helsingborg.se

Name: Jonas Ströberg
E-mail: jonas.ströberg@helsingborg.se

Name: Josefine Jöneteg
E-mail: josefine.jöneteg@helsingborg.se

Name: Per Nilsson
E-mail: per.nilsson2@helsingborg.se