We want to challenge traditional handling of municipal goods distribution and test new ways of handling deliveries with the help of digital tools. Together with and the Swedish Transport Administration, we therefore investigate whether there are efficiency gains when data on deliveries is shared between different actors.


Can better access to data on deliveries help us become more efficient and sustainable? We hope that this innovation project gives participating parties increased knowledge so that we can make smarter demands on transport and the vehicle and create a smoother ordering process. Our goal is to reduce the number of deliveries and to make the ordering process simpler and measurable.

Unlike other municipalities where they work with groupage, we have no plans to procure a special player to handle the coordination, nor do we have any plans to start a municipal company that performs the transport. This is a new way of testing whether it is possible to streamline transport work by sharing data between players in the industry and transfer business opportunities and efficiency gains to those who have the greatest knowledge and the greatest opportunity to adapt to change.


We start by testing on a small scale and look at how deliveries and the ordering process work at Rönnowska school. Together with the school's suppliers, we have a dialogue about which data is interesting and possible to share. Then we investigate business opportunities with digital players and carry out two pilot tests where we test user-friendliness and different techniques to narrow down and make data about deliveries visible. If the pilots are successful, we will implement new working methods and by December 2022 we will be the first municipality to offer a digital groupage place for deliveries.

Impact target

• The number of deliveries to Rönnowska school must be reduced by at least 20 % • The fidelity to the contract is at least 80 % for Rönnowska school. • Developed working method for handling municipal transport where data can be shared between suppliers, carriers and the city.

  • Driven by

    The City Building Administration, The city management administration

  • Challenge

    How do we reduce our carbon footprint and create a more circular economy?

  • Category

    Climate & Environment

  • Sector

    Data, Digitization, Mobility

  • Partners

    FEDeRATED, The vegetable hall, Logistics Data Lab / CLOSER, Menigo, MobiOne, Skånemejerierna, Tony's budbilar, The Swedish Transport Administration


Name: Linda Bermin
E-mail: linda.bermin@helsingborg.se