How do we best support the residents we work for with necessary behavioral changes? Sometimes it is not enough to know that something is good and useful for you, for you to choose a carrot instead of a cinnamon bun. With insights about and understanding of what the driving forces are behind behaviors, we want to create solutions and working methods that create change.


We can sometimes see that although there may be a consensus between residents and officials about necessary behavioral changes, or sensible choices that should be made, this is not always translated into action.

We want to see if, through behavioral psychology and insights into what drives change and drives behavior, our working methods and our digital services can be designed so that more people choose the best way forward. As a focus area for this, we have chosen the use of U2Work, a training program for jobseekers, which has been developed by the Labor Market Administration in another innovation project.


With the help of behavioral psychologists, we create insights into the driving forces behind behaviors for a more long-term use of digital tools we have developed for people with income support. By testing methods for a changed way of working for our staff, we want to increase the self-leadership of the residents we work for and increase their use of tools such as Skills and U2Work, which you can read about in our own articles here on the innovation database.

In the spring of 2022, we will run a pilot where we test two different concepts. One is a kind of checklist used in the meeting between residents and guide. The second is an automatic feedback on the resident's activities in U2work with the following actions. The concept is mainly about facilitating desired behavioral changes.

Impact target

More people using the U2Work tool

Impact target

More people get to work faster

Resident involvement

Residents have participated through insight-building interviews, and are involved as testers in the pilot.


Name: Peter Ekström
E-mail: peter.ekstrom@helsingborg.se