Three pipes out is the name of the world-unique source-sorting sewage system that is being built in the Oceanhamnen district in Helsingborg.


By sorting wastewater at source, biogas production is increased, nutrients are recycled and drug treatment is made more energy efficient.


Instead of traditional sewage and collection systems, Oceanhamnen will be built with three separate sewage pipes:

  • one for black water (toilet)
  • one for greywater (bath, shower, washing)
  • and one for food waste (via kitchen waste grinder)

Vacuum toilets will be installed, partly to get a more efficient management of the black water and increased production of biogas, partly to reduce water use during toilet flushing.

When planning the new residential area in Östra Ramlösa, it is now being investigated whether a similar concept can be implemented.


Name: Hamse Kjerstadius
E-mail: Hamse.Kjerstadius@nsva.se