How can we use student-created digital material to tell about the city to Helsingborg's residents and visitors? Can we use VR to learn about our city's history by visiting places both then and now? We investigate this in the initiative "The city as a learning space"!



We need to find new ways to create study motivation in our students and we want to make places available that can otherwise be difficult for all the city's students to reach.


When students themselves are allowed to create their own learning material and that material is also used by real recipients, it often contributes to an increased interest in the subject. In the project The city as a learning room is testing Pedagogical Center, Västra Ramlösa school  and Olympiaskolan how we can partly use the city's environments to create learning spaces for the students and partly with the help of technology make places accessible that can otherwise be difficult for everyone to get to.

The idea is being tested and for a couple of months, the students at Västra Ramlösa have created film material that tells about different places in the city of Helsingborg.

Read an update about the team's exploration and testing work here or watch the project film here: The city as a learning room.

A next step for the City as a learning room initiative is to find a good way to collect, share and inspire more student-created material.

At the H22 City Expo: 



Impact target

Increased knowledge of how digital tools can create experience-based learning regardless of time and place

Resident involvement

The idea is tested and developed together with students at Västra Ramlösa school and Olympiaskolan.


Name: Mona Andersson - Pedagogical Center
E-mail: mona.m.andersson@helsingborg.se

Name: Ola Sandén - Pedagogical Center
E-mail: ola.sanden@helsingborg.se

Name: Inger Edforss Fuchs - Västra Ramlösa
E-mail: inger.edforss-fuchs@helsingborg.se

Name: Jonas Nilsson - Olympic School
E-mail: jonas.nilsson4@helsingborg.se