We are investigating whether we can facilitate speech therapy efforts with the help of a mobile solution - can a motorhome with space for conversation and storage of materials make it easier to conduct good conversations at several different schools?


Today, the city's speech therapists go out to schools with children who need a speech therapy intervention of some kind. It is often difficult to find a good, equipped and secluded place for conversation in school. At the same time, we test whether language development efforts can be made in completely new ways, for example in a garden environment, and then we need to be able to bring tools and other things in a good way.


We are testing using a motorhome! For a month we rent a motorhome and in collaboration with 2-3 schools we test:

  • if it is possible to hold conversations in this way,
  • if the motorhome has enough space for equipment and other things
  • if obstacles arise that we have not thought of before.

Status: Canceled

During the preparations for the test, we encountered the following obstacles:

  • The motorhome can not be parked at an employee's home without it having tax effects.
  • Placing it in the administration office far from the schools creates far too much transport time
  • We also did not manage to find a place with a parking permit in an area near the schools in question where the car could be parked safely over nights and weekends.


Impact target

Increased opportunities for good speech therapist conversations


The test could not be performed.

Resident involvement

The idea is being tested together with students at the various schools.


Name: Magdalena Ebelin - speech therapist at Elevhälsan
E-mail: magdalena.ebelin@helsingborg.se