How can digital technology strengthen our preschool children - and help them get more out of preschool hours? To find out, innovators and preschool educators in Helsingborg came together and created an AI assistant that answers the children's most burning questions.

Say hello to Laiban, the AI assistant who answers questions like: What's up for lunch? Who's picking me up today? And when? It also suggests clothes according to the weather when the children go out to play - hats and gloves, rain gear and rubber boots, or sunscreen - based on the latest weather forecasts.


The children are strengthened by the fact that they can find answers to their questions themselves. The educators, children and parents appreciate that the information is always correct and easily accessible to everyone. Everyone gets the same information and every child gets a chance to be heard. Laiban is also getting smarter with each passing day. For example, it understands several languages that children want to ask questions in.


Laiban is an AI, a digital assistant, who is available and contributes to the children's independence at the preschools in Helsingborg's city schools throughout the day. Laiban provides information and can answer many of the questions that children often want answers to in preschool.

Laiban is used so far in approx. 75 of the city of Helsingborg's 80 preschools and is further developed together with children and educators. Are you curious about Laiban? Read more at Laiban's own website.

At the H22 City Expo:


Impact target

Increased independence of children in preschool


After using Laiban, the children showed more independence, this was shown, among other things, when they had to dress to go out. The children have also improved their ability to handle digital tools.

Impact target

More quality time for the children


Laiban gives the educators an average of 20 minutes of extra quality time with the children per day

Resident involvement

Laiban is further developed together with children and educators in 16 preschool departments around the city


Name: Simon Melin
E-mail: Simon.Melin@helsingborg.se

Name: Lisa Olsson
E-mail: lisa.olsson@helsingborg.se