No one should have to experience unnecessary hassle in their contacts with the city of Helsingborg. The Hassle Ombudsman works to initiate development around what residents, entrepreneurs and associations in Helsingborg find difficult.


The City of Helsingborg shall prioritize development in the areas that are important to the people of Helsingborg. Krånglo works for residents, companies and associations and acts as their voice within the organization when something is perceived as unnecessarily complicated. The Ombudsman's task is to ensure that measures or the development project are initiated and that unnecessarily cumbersome processes are simplified as far as possible within the framework of current legislation.


Helsingborg was the first in Sweden (perhaps in the world) to introduce a hassle ombudsman. The service was launched in October 2019 and today a person works in about half a time to ensure that the city de-escalates things that are perceived as complicated by residents, companies and associations. The hassle ombudsman's working method has been adjusted as we have gained experience. We continue to experiment with this function and see it as a tool to increase our ability to have the customer's focus in our innovation and development work. One year after the start, more Swedish municipalities have been inspired by Helsingborg's initiative and started their own similar functions.

Impact target

Residents and companies in Helsingborg find it easy to use the city's services

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Name: Malin Johnsson
E-mail: malin.johnsson@helsingborg.se