We must feel good when we are at work. But no matter how much you may love your job, it can sometimes be difficult to cope. Stress and fatigue are a big and fairly common problem. Therefore, we will now ask more often how you feel at work through a temperature gauge we call the Pulse.


Through current descriptions of the current situation in the psychosocial work environment, we can more effectively identify an increase in psychologically stressful work tasks or a skewed workload. We can also more easily see if the efforts we make work, whether we make positive transfers or not. In short, we can get employees who feel better at work.


Pulsen is a short survey that continuously measures our organizational and social work environment in the workplace.

The pulse contains six statements that the respondent agrees with to varying degrees:

  • I have a reasonable workload
  • I have the opportunity to recover
  • I have the opportunity for support to handle mentally stressful tasks
  • I have the opportunity for feedback and support from the manager and colleagues
  • I know what demands are placed on me and how I should carry out my work
  • I feel that the atmosphere at my workplace is good


Impact target

Reduced ill health at work and reduced sick leave.

Resident involvement

End users are involved through surveys and dialogue.


Name: Amanda During
E-mail: Amanda.During@helsingborg.se