We are testing whether laboratory work in a fully equipped chemical room together with high school students can increase the interest in the chemical subject among our primary school students.


We need new ways to showcase the many alternatives in the labor market and to be able to visit a lab, put on a lab coat and goggles and experiment in a high school environment together with high school students can hopefully provide a practical and inspiring experience of a possible career path.


During the autumn term, we test the working method using:

  • 3 experimental packages where the experiments are linked to theories and concepts that exist in the elementary school chemistry course specialization year 7-9
  • The experiment packages include 3 visits to the Molecule Lab at the Olympic School, where students can test the three different experiment packages.



Through surveys that students and teachers had to answer, it turns out that 66% of the students gained an increased interest in the subject of chemistry. Test report available here.

Impact target

Increased interest in the subject of chemistry


66% of the students state that their interest in the chemical subject has increased with the help of the method.

Resident involvement

The idea is being tested with nine classes in primary school.


Name: Marika Davidsson
E-mail: marika.davidsson@helsingborg.se