We have developed a new and innovative solution on how civil society and organizations in the third sector together with the city can reach out to groups that often pass the information.

During the spring, a crisis tool for Resident-Driven Communication was developed and carried out in a solid test together with the District Mothers.



In the autumn of 2020, the district mothers contacted the city to investigate whether it was possible to start an emergency line. The need to disseminate important information about the current pandemic to specific groups in the city was highlighted. The district mothers wanted to help with this. They had been inspired by how district mothers in their Nordic network, especially in Norway, worked with the emergency line linked to the pandemic. The Labor Market Administration (AMF) and the City Management Administration (SLF) took a joint approach to meet the district mothers' request and enable them to implement the emergency line.

With this test, the new crisis tool for resident-driven communication was developed. With the help of clarified levels, the city can jack in and support where needed. This initiative has led to more external groups being invited to contribute to the dissemination of important information, on their own terms.

The great value lies in the way we work and how we have allowed the resident (both the district mothers and residents they have called) to influence the end result.



The city enables and satisfies external groups with materials and legitimate information, we go arm in arm and meet the needs that are out there. How much more can we achieve if the megaphone is handed over to the resident? We are equipped to continue the exploration of resident-driven communication.


Impact target

Reaching out to groups we otherwise have a hard time reaching!


1500 completed calls by the District Mothers. Cross-administrative project group that has resulted in a valuable structure to enable resident-driven communication. 

Resident involvement

The project is based on involving residents and that the project is mostly run by them.


Name: Filip Egger
E-mail: filip.egger@helsingborgstad.se