With the right light, our health and well-being can be improved. But not only that, the Property Management has chosen to test Brainlit´'s biocentric lighting system which has even resulted in improvements on math tests.


Light has a significant impact on biological functions and our daily routines and is central to our well-being. Exposure to daylight affects our sleep quality, efficiency, wakefulness and other important factors for our health.


The property management is testing this lighting at Anneroskolan, and will follow up on how students and staff are affected and how the lighting contributes to creating an efficient and comfortable learning environment.

Challenge: We can measure how light has a direct effect and can affect productivity, learning and memory consolidation.

Impact target

Research from the Technical University of Denmark, DTU, on a light installation with biocentric light, showed an improvement of 12.8 percent in mathematics test results.

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    Property management

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  • Estimated budget

    1100000 kr

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    Real estate, School

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Name: Finn Svensson
E-mail: finn.svensson@helsingborg.se